I have to say that when this idea 💡 (about my blog) pops up in my mind, I think that it will be hard and that it will consume all the rest of my free time. But if there is an idea that worth trying, we should always find the time for it.

I will try to post interesting articles about DellEMC products, their usage, and benefits, I will also prepare some demos, and we will go deeper if you would like to. Maybe that later, we will expand this to some other interesting topics from around data centers, servers, and storage and all around.

Maybe our excellent marketing will give me also some gifts for you and your activity here, but first things first, so let’s see how you will like it.

PowerMax Sticker

Our ride begins.

Let me know in commments and with buttons what you like and what you don’t, or if you would be interested in some exact topic, I will do my best to serve your needs!

If you want to see where I will aim my posts, you can browse the menu where you can see all the blog categories that I would like to cover in the future, but because of the launch of our new shiny PowerStore, I will for sure start with PowerStore Introduction.

See you next time!