I think that makes sense to share with you what pieces of software that make me happy and also make my life easier.

Please don’t be shy and share with me some tools that you like as well. Use the comment section below the article.

During the time, I will make another post regarding Linux tools, where I have to say honestly upfront that security-oriented Linux distros made my life way happier than before, but about that sometimes later.

Image by flag from Pixabay

I will update this article over the time, but because i have to start somewhere here you go with some basic tools that I like:

VMware Workstation Pro or Hyper-V, Docker (Minikube, Chocolatey) – they allow me to be more productive, test things on Virtual Machines, use different versions of the same software without spinning up another VM and installing the full OS on it or removing current version (spin a container for any version – Dockerized Symcli article from Sean Cummins) and many more.

MobaXterm (Multi-tab SSH / VNC / RDP / SFTP / and many more) – this is an excellent tool for managing all that stuff that is under your fingers and hands. Contain useful set of handy tools and ample options for connecting to practically any host (there are also games like “Nimesweeper”).

AIO Boot Extractor (USB Multiboot) – warning some anti-viruses may see it as a treat (even the author wrote it on the page). Anyway, it is an excellent tool again. You can boot any image, any iso, all on the fly only with working Windows and (double – or you risk that you will have to start over again) saved MBR of your favorite USB flash drive.

Update!!! The latest version of AIOBoot is blocked as Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml (on file AIOBoot.7z), so I can’t recommend it anymore without further investigation.

AIO Boot Extractor page screenshot

Disclaimer: Use these tools at your own risk.